~ocean resort~THE ETEL INDIGO …

~ocean resort~THE ETEL INDIGO MOTOBU(Available for vacation rentals!)

Welcome to Okinawa! Japan`s tropical resort island archipelago. Every year Okinawa plays host to over 9 million visitors from all over Japan, and the rest of the world. The incredible beaches, tropical climate, local cuisine and culture make Okinawa a spectacular vacation destination. The local infrastructure and economy are boosted by the permanent US military presence, and property values are expected to increase in the future with further resort development projects.

If your dream is to own a piece of this island paradise, AND create a steady source of income, this property presents an opportunity to buy into an existing resort project, currently undergoing it`s vacation rental licensing and registration. Whether as a full-time vacation rental operation or a second-home, this is an ideal property for those considering purchasing in Okinawa. Located within walking distance of the now world famous Churaumi aquarium, this apartment could potentially host visitors throughout the year.

Please enquire directly for details and potential earning projections.

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