About Us

About Us
Welcome to your new life in Kansai. At DG Real Estate, you will find helpful, experienced staff to assist you. Our foreign staff can help in your own language, understand your cultural background, needs, questions and concerns. We are happy to explain all the various differences between renting, buying and selling properties here and back home. As a licensed real estate agency, we can provide access to almost all properties in Kansai under the same terms and conditions as Japanese tenants. Forget about gaijin apartments and guesthouses and feel great in a place that you can call home.

Daiwa Homes Group is part of Japan’s No.1 real estate network, Apamanshop. From the East of Hyogo Prefecture to the West of Osaka, we own 6 Apamanshop branches. Growing every day, Apamanshop marketing counts TV advertising, its free newspaper, and a website with more than a million users every month. Here are our branches: http://www.daiwahomes.net/shop.html

We have a multicultural and multilingual team in our International Section. We are from 2 different continents and speak 4 languages – English, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean. We have served clients from more than 30 countries, and this number is still growing.

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